Since 2011 the company serves on Crewing, Manning Agency, Technical Management, Training to the seafarer.

“VNS Ship” mainly as crew manning agency operates several vessels; who deal in brass, copper, aluminum products; import-export of several products like copper alloys, steel products, sunflower seeds, etc. Also, we are successfully sending our trained crew into oil tankers, bulk tankers. Day by day, year by year, we are stepping the ladder of success and adding new vessels in our company.

We are providing crew management for around 22 Vessels including Dry bulk carrier and Oil/ Chemical Tankers which trade majorly on trade routes on the Middle East & Europe.

We are managing ten vessels partially. Our Professionals never comprise with quality services. We have recruited the qualified and skilled crew to the ship. I order to do that we provide high-quality training to the seamen.

VNS Ship currently managing 22 fleet includes Bulk, Container, Cargo vessels, and Tanker vessels. We offer fully integrated crew management services to 7 vessels of 20,000DWt to 50,000DWT. We believe in the quality crew, and hence, we trained our crew standard. Our skilled team will purchase or design and supervise the construction of a ship and then run its day-to-day commercial, crewing, operating, and maintenance activities until it is sold or retired.

In 2011 we started our journey collaborating with UAE ship owner and got two ships for partial. And, for then, we are always seeking the ladder of success. Now, we are currently working with owners based on UAE, Egyptians, and Turkish Owners. In this highly competitive marine industry, there’s a natural inclination to lean on tradition. For us, Trust and lasting value in relationships thrives from a readiness to depart from norms and sailing to new frontiers. Sustaining a structure of what’s reliable in the traditional and the modern is the default approach at VNS Ship.

We as VNS Ship family have been conservatively maintaining our established business values of the family and our history for many years with high-quality management systems. Today all companies associated with us, happy and cherish with our Services.